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  • Administrative Proceeding Litigation

Legal disputes that occur in proceedings before administrative agencies have unique procedural rules. The Administrative Practice Group is comprised of attorneys experienced in litigating before administrative agencies.

The issues may range from environmental issues, sexual or physical abuse, to business operations allegedly violative of regulations. Some of our clients must be professionally licensed, and face license revocation hearings alleging a violation of statutory or regulatory duty. We aim to provide a vigorous defense, with the goal of vindicating our client’s reputation and allowing continued business operations. We also advise our clients how to avoid subsequent civil litigation, or to preserve issues if litigation is required.

Other clients involved in administrative proceedings seek advice as to the ultimate outcome, financial exposure, and the means to resolve the administrative agency’s claims. We have successfully resolved and defended our clients in administrative proceedings, and we strive to resolve these disputes at the earliest possible times.

Attorneys in the Administrative Practice Group have provided updates on the law, assisted in the drafting of proposed legislation, offered input on regulatory changes favorable to our clients, and lectured on administrative requirements and the means to avoid administrative proceedings.

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