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Attorneys in our Construction Practice Group represent developers, owners, contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers in cases involving allegations of liability based on defective construction. Our attorneys have resolved cases in court, in arbitration, and through alternative dispute proceedings. We have been involved in the defense of cases where liabilities have been asserted by single individuals or business entities, homeowner’s associations, or their insurers.

Our attorneys have the skill and expertise to evaluate construction defect claims and to develop the evidence to mount a successful defense against such claims. Because construction contracts commonly allocate responsibility for defective construction, we also have the expertise to evaluate construction agreements, construction documents, and the complex relationships between parties involved in construction, as well as their insurers.

We have successfully defended and resolved cases involving public buildings, tract homes, and single family residences. Many of these cases have also involved the now pervasive allegation of a “sick building syndrome” or toxic mold.

Attorneys in the Construction Practice Group focus on an early evaluation of each case, centering on our client’s involvement and responsibility to facilitate a favorable, cost-effective resolution at the earliest possible time.

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