General Liability and Civil Litigation

  • Business Litigation
  • Civil Rights
  • Day Care Errors and Omissions
  • Elder Law
  • Landlord-Tenant Habitability Disputes
  • Personal Injury
  • Product Liability
  • Statutory Torts
  • Motor Vehicle

The attorneys in the General Liability and Civil Litigation Group have successfully tried and otherwise resolved a broad range of cases. Our attorneys offer extensive experience defending personal injury cases involving both large and small exposures, including catastrophic injury, major property damage, product liability, premises liability, landlord-tenant habitability, day care, elder care, federal civil rights and other statutory torts.

The General Liability and Civil Litigation Group is committed to the highest professional standards, taking on the most complex and challenging cases, and delivering superior results. With our wealth of experienced litigators, we match the right professional to each case so we can provide winning results for each client.

We provide prompt evaluations in each case, and consult with our clients to develop a strategic plan for successful results at the earliest possible time. The evaluation anticipates the time, cost, and risks in litigation, so we can follow our clients’ wishes concerning the case. Our efforts may include gathering needed evidence to permit the filing of a dispositive motion, or convincing the adversary of the strengths of the defense and what is a reasonable resolution of a dispute to permit an informal resolution of the case. Where trial is required, our planning includes what is required to win at trial, and marshalling the evidence and the witnesses to achieve success.

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